Jane Hustwit

The speed at which Trump, as president of the USA, is now attacking human rights has further convinced me that rights have to be monitored, maintained and developed at all times. We can never relax or turn away as they …

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Stephen Pittam

Human Rights are a basic building block of our democracy. They provide us with a set of shared values and help to create a cohesive society. They are realised at a local level, and so it is important that we …

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Sue Lister

Human rights (and animal rights) enable us to live with dignity and respect for all others on this shared planet of ours.

Marilyn Crawshaw

Human rights represent the core of our humanity; they remind us of the way we should treat others and how we should expect others to treat us. We stop striving to act in accordance with them at our peril but …

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Because through recent political events I think it’s important to show our solidarity as a community and to make everyone feel safe and happy. Also human rights are so vital that if we educate our community we can help the …

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I think all people, young, old and everyone in between should have the right to be valued, respected, happy and safe. People should have access to health care, education and support (in the right way) no matter who they are …

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Human rights are important to me as I belive they will help people have a better and fuller life. Which not Every one has right now but desvers.

Heidi Chan

Human Rights are important to me because they capture the fundamental rights and freedoms that human beings, in all their diversity, share. In becoming the UK’s first Human Rights City, York would demonstrate its commitment to human rights as values …

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Human rights are vital for peoples safety and welfare and should be the cornerstone of a 21st century city, country and world where everyone is safe, free and respectful of others.

Ruth Potter

I want to see York as an outward looking welcoming city. Human Rights are part of every ones daily lives and being Human Rights City will ensure that these issues are kept at the forefront of people’s minds. They will …

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Ian Foxley

Do unto others as you would be done by…. A good strap line ?

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