Reverse the Ban

York Human Rights City Network is a member of the Reverse the Ban coalition of 27 local organisations that was formed in the wake of the Council Executive vote in November 2021 to impose a permanent ban on disabled  people using their Blue Badge to enter large parts of the city centre.   This has been described as one of the biggest human rights issues facing the city.  The Reverse the Ban coalition worked tirelessly since then to reverse the ban and more information about their work – which proved successful – is available on their website.   

Reverse the Ban was delighted that the two local political groups – Labour and Conservative – that had pledged to reverse the ban if elected at the local election on 4th May 2023 both increased the number of their seats and Labour took overall control of the Council.  The Blue Badge issue was a key influence on the campaign and the outcome was a hugely important statement of support for disabled people’s rights.    The permanent ban was lifted by the new Council Labour administration in autumn 2023.  The first BB holders were allowed to enter the footstreets again on 4th January 2024 through one entry and exit point with a second planned for Easter.  A wider consultation was also launched on a draft York Local Transport Strategy in November 2023.  See more information on the Reverse the Ban website.

Please also read on for details of our work leading up to the decision to bring in the permanent ban.

1.  Our statement on Blue Badge Access to York City Centre, July 2021

2.   Response statement from the city’s Human Rights & Equalities Board, 23rd September 2021

3.  Our report to the city’s Human Rights & Equalities Board, 14th October 2021

4.  Our statement on Access to York City Centre and implications for York as a Human Rights City, 29th November 2021 

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