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Sheffield Global Climate Justice Summit – Talks, Workshops, Discussions

November 27, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Meeting ‘Centring the Most Affected People and Areas’ and Delivering a Clear Justice-Based Call For Action To Global Leaders Following COP26

About this event

COP26 will be a moment in history that marks a crossroads for humanity. Without clear and profound action for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the ability to keep global heating below 2 degrees, let alone 1.5 degrees will be impossible, which is why UN Secretary General António Guterres has declared the latest IPCC Report a ‘Code Red for Humanity’. Yet each of the previous 25 COPs has failed to halt the rise in atmospheric carbon and failed to fulfil their financial pledges to support the Most Affected People and Areas (MAPA) in the ability to adapt to the effects of climate change let alone the losses and damages from it.

Global heating risks the lives of billions, threatening widespread crop failure, migration, and conflict. These effects are being felt right now by people living in countries who have contributed the least to the crisis yet suffer the worst consequences. At the same time these areas face the highest levels of inequality, poverty, debt, and continuous disadvantage from unequal trading systems and neocolonialism.

COP26 will require not just a Just Transition, but a Globally Just Transition. This day of talks, workshops and facilitated discussions will explore this issue under the key messages of ‘Stop Killing Us’, ‘No More Cooking The Books’, ‘Rewire The System’ and ‘Honour the Debt’, with questions such as:

  • What does a globally just transition mean, not only to MAPA Countries, but to us living and working in Sheffield?
  • What are the implications of relying upon technology to provide the solutions?
  • Can their be Green Growth and Green Capitalism that also allows Global Justice?
  • How do we ensure that Global Leaders fully understand the needs of MAPA Countries?
  • How do we make these global questions relevant to our local leaders in their responses to the carbon reduction?

Whilst this event was planned in advance of COP26, we are unfortunately convinced that the need for maintaining Global Justice central to the demands for Climate Justice, and pushing for solutions that our leaders are almost certain to fail us on, will be required more than ever. So we fully intend to explore these questions and any others that become apparent after the COP process has been completed.

We aim to bring together important thinkers, campaigners, activists, and representatives and we will update this page with a list as they confirm. We will create a safe space to work and listen to each other, and really challenge ourselves so we can effectively challenge our leaders and keep pushing for Global and Climate Justice.


Quaker Meeting House 10 Saint James’ Street Sheffield City Centre S1 2EW
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