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Virtual Literature Review on Gender-Based Violence during Data Collection

September 13, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Virtual Literature Review on Gender-Based Violence during Data Collection, Session 3

About this event

About this Event



Dr Maja Zonjić (School of Geography, Environment, and Earth Sciences, University of Wellington/Te Herenga Waka) will present her 2021 paper, ‘Framing violence: The politics of representing embodied trauma in feminist geographic film.’

Alicja Palęcka (University of Warsaw) will draw on the work of Hanson and Richards–their 2017 article ‘Sexual harassment and the construction of ethnographic knowledge’ and their 2019 book Harassed: Gender, bodies and ethnographic research– and her own 2021 paper, ‘Not to worry, I’m well-behaved’: Sexual harassment as a strategy of the research participants’ (in Polish, translation into English forthcoming).


CHAIR: Ariana Markowitz, PhD candidate in Development Planning at The Bartlett, University College London



The Women Doing Fieldwork Network (WDFN) cordially invites you to contribute to the third session of a collaborative project to collect and review literature on violence that women researchers experience during data collection. A comprehensive review of this scholarship will allow us to identify its gaps, inform our research methods and fieldwork strategies, and advocate for changes in institutional policies and protocols. The next event will take place on 25 November.



This first session will consist of two parts:

Our guest speakers will present and reflect on the work above.

Following the presentations, we will discuss and debate for 45 minutes, drawing on relevant literature and our experiences to identify strengths and weaknesses in scholarship and ethics and risk management protocols.



This free event will take place from 11:00am to 12:30pm GMT on Zoom.



We are building a shared, public bibliography of literature that engages directly or indirectly with violence that women researchers experience whilst collecting data, available here. To contribute, please join WDFN by subscribing here.


If you would like to present a piece of literature at one of the future events, which can be your own and can be in progress, please send an expression of interest to Ariana Markowitz including the work you would like to present.



For more information about the network, please see our recent coverage in The Times Higher Education.



Dr Ana Laura Zavala Guillén (@ZG_AnaLau) is a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of Geography, Queen Mary University of London.

Ariana Markowitz (@BarelyAcademic) is a PhD candidate in Development Planning at The Bartlett, University College London.

Itzel San Roman Pineda (@itzelsanroman) is a PhD candidate in Human Geography at the Department of Geography, University of Sheffield.

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