In this exclusive Black History Month event Jeffrey Boakye, author of Black, Listed: Black British Culture Explored, joins Dr Fraser Mann, Senior Lecturer in Literature at York St John University, for a challenging and insightful dialogue surrounding issues of racism and social justice. Jeffrey will examine the positioning and perception of black identity in a postcolonial society, as well as the nuances of institutional racism and subconscious bias.

2020 has been an unusual year for all of us and the annual Fairtrade Yorkshire Conference, like so many other events, is moving online. This gives us an opportunity to invite speakers who might otherwise not be able to attend in person.

Join this Canadian project team to explore the possibilities of integrating racial justice and community music. The webinar will focus on the team’s experience implementing The Gahu Project in 2019, in which 400 youth participated in workshops that integrated racial justice education and Gahu, a form of drumming, dancing and singing from the Ewe people of Ghana. The webinar will introduce interactive components of the Gahu workshop, present research findings from the project, and open up conversation on the challenges and possibilities of centering African, Caribbean, and Black communities in music projects.

Naomi Klein speaks about how the climate crisis is not only as a profound political challenge but also a spiritual and imaginative one

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the failings of a health service hamstrung by damaging government policies and unnecessary austerity. Our conference will provide a platform to explore the power of socialism to deliver the highest quality healthcare to all, free at the point of need, publicly financed.

An Improv. session for anyone in the LGBTQ+ community and allies & advocates… plus anyone else who wants to have fun and meet new folks.

An Improv. session for people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, their supporters/carers and anyone else who wants to have fun and meet new folks.

With negotiations beginning between Afghanistan, the USA, and the Taliban our panel examines the potential for this to provide a solution to Afghan’s decades of war and whether they can result in peace.  We are particularly honoured to have Ambassador Roya Rahmani, Ambassador to the US from Afghanistan on this panel.

The human rights webinars introduce participants to the foundations, history, mechanisms and legislation of human rights.

About this Event

Human Rights Webinar Series

Facilitated by the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights

The foundations for human rights workshops introduce participants to the international architecture and history of human rights as well as the values and pillars of human rights including provision, protection, participation and remedy. Participants gain understanding of how human rights are relevant to local issues and are introduced to the national and provincial legislation that exists to support human rights.

In this webinar:

Human Rights 101: Understanding the Architecture and Role of Human Rights

In this session, participants will gain a broader understanding of the principles, values and role of human rights and how it can be a tool for advocacy and accountability. The session will provide foundations in the international framework and architecture of human rights and the various levels of jurisdiction and legislation.


Upcoming webinars in the series:

Human Rights 102: Human Rights Mechanisms

In this session, participants will learn about the mechanisms that exist for human rights complaints to be heard provincially, federally and internationally. Advocates will learn about the concepts of protected grounds and the protected areas within the Alberta Human Rights Act and the Canadian Human Rights Act and gain understanding what makes a valid human rights complaint.

Human Rights 103: The Complaint Process

In this session, participants will learn more about the various mechanisms that exist to file complaints and gain perspective on the process of a human rights complaint in Alberta particularly. They will spend their time developing an understanding of the importance of documentation and what is needed to build a complaint, whether to a human rights commission or other complaint body.

Human Rights 104: Advocating for Human Rights

In this session, participants will gain skills and tools for self advocacy on cases and learn how to build a longer term strategy and plan for advocacy.

Human Rights 105: Anti-Oppression and Human Rights

In this session, participants will learn the connection between anti-oppression and human rights and engage in a reflection on the structures and systems that exist around us and how they impact work for human rights.

  • How do human rights leaders navigate difficult and risky contexts?
  • What do human rights defenders prioritise in terms of leadership over the short- and long-term?
  • How might the practice of human rights leadership be supported or strengthened?
The Centre for Applied Human Rights (CAHR) is offering a free webinar on 14 August to launch the recent CAHR Working Paper “Human Rights Leadership – Towards a research and practice agenda in challenging times”.
The webinar will feature fellows from CAHR’s Defender fellowships sharing their insights into leadership within the human rights movement. The webinar will be an opportunity to reflect on how leadership within the human rights movement can be supported, and to explore the priorities for promoting and developing good leadership in a human rights context.
The webinars will be of interest to those in the movement, those who support them, funders, students of human rights practice, and researchers and practitioners in leadership, well-being, organisational effectiveness, and international development.
Speakers for 14 August: 

– Bondita Acharya (Purva Bharati Educational Trust and Women in Governance (WinG)-India)

– Jestina Mukoko (Zimbabwe Peace Project)

– Johncation Muhindo (Creation Forum Afrika)

Event host: Paul Gready (Director, Centre for Applied Human Rights)

The recent Covid19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of essential digital skills for all. We know there are many organisations in York concerned about residents that lack digital skills. Some organisations are already supporting these people. We want to do more. Our aim is to join up activity, share information and resources and encourage collaboration.

We want to establish a Digital Inclusion Network in York with dedicated resource and a joint action plan to help tackle digital and social exclusion.

At the meeting we would like to;

1. Share information from our initial research findings

2. Find out more from you about what’s already happening on the ground

3. Explore the potential for collaboration and a joint action plan

4. Find out who can provide joint funding or resource to manage this work

5. Have some fun with digital technology!

Who should attend?

  • Anyone from an organisation that is concerned about lack of digital skills of their customers / clients / residents / tenants
  • Anyone already supporting those with limited digital skills
  • Anyone interested in doing more to support those with limited digital skills
  • Those interested in digital transformation for their organisations and how you can ensure that more people can use your online services

The session will be held virtually via Zoom

Book here (FREE):

Please note that Citizens Online are also running a series of online events every Thursday at 11am. Please register using Eventbrite to receive access through Zoom call details. These events are open to anyone with an interest in digital inclusion.

York artist Karen Winship pays tribute to the tireless and selfless work of NHS workers in this moving exhibition of portraits created during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 11 works on show depict NHS workers from across England and Ireland painted by Karen and tell their own personal experiences of working on the front line caring for the victims of the virus.

The stories of those working or volunteering in other essential services during the pandemic will also be told as the gallery invites the public to nominate their own heroes.

The exhibition will open on August 1 as part of Our Heroes Welcome, as York says thank you to all of the essential workers working during the pandemic.

Opening Times

Monday – Sunday 11:00-16:00