You are invited to attend the York Racial Equality Network Open Forum on 25th July 2020 at 11.00 am to 12.30 pm, via Zoom.

The York Racial Equality Network is a user-led organisation. YREN aims to eliminate racial discrimination and advance equality amongst different groups.

YREN furthermore seeks to articulate the needs of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups in York on forums where local decision makers and service providers convene.

Our Open Forum provides the opportunity for the Trustees of YREN to give an account of how the organisation has been operating over the past six months and as a user-led BAME organisation, the YREN Open Forum invites our members, through the sharing of ideas, to help shape the future of our organisation.

Covid-19 and race hate crime are among current issues most pertinent to BAME communities. We welcome your views on what effect these are having on our BAME communities.

We also welcome your assistance in setting out the priorities for YREN for the immediate future so that our input may effectively reflect and respond to the needs of our BAME communities.


11.00 – 11.05                  Welcome and introduction – tribute to Rita


11.05 – 11.10          Purpose of the Open Forum

11.10 – 11.20          Feedback from last Open Forum       07/12/2019 –

11.20 – 11.40          COVID 19 Issues

11.40 – 12              Race Hate Crime

12 – 12.15              YREN current situation and work priorities

12.15 – 12.30         Any other points for discussion

12.30                       Close

We look forward to your attendance and participation, we would be grateful if you could let YREN know if you are able to attend this meeting.

York Racial Equality Network is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: York Racial Equality Network Open Forum

Time: Jul 25, 2020 11:00 AM London

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Meeting ID: 997 5851 2585

Password: yren


Kind Regards

Fred Ring


A panel discussion featuring Alan Whitehead MP, New Statesman Energy Editor Philippa Nuttall Jones and others.

About this Event

The covid-19 crisis has proven that we are capable of adapting and working in innovative ways. As the world starts to rebuild and grow after lockdown, a green economy should be at the centre of our post-covid recovery. Focusing on how we use energy is one way to do this : If every household in the UK took action on energy efficiency, we could achieve 11% of the UK’s 2050 carbon target.

How do we ensure that energy efficiency and smart energy systems are at the centre of our green recovery? How can we reach net zero carbon emissions in ways that are quicker, easier and cheaper? How can we use innovation in e-vehicles and homes to further our green recovery? How can we ensure that consumers are taken on the journey to net-zero with us?

Join the New Statesman for an online panel discussion and live Q&A, sponsored by Smart Energy GB, with Alan Whitehead MP and others, exploring the role that smart energy systems and smart meters play in reducing our carbon footprint and working towards net zero in a post-covid world.

Register to tune in to this online event at 10am on Wednesday 8th July, and receive joining information closer to the date. Spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis.

The event is for LGBTQ+ people to find healing and to discuss their experiences of being LGBTQ+ and a person of faith.

This is not your ordinary online art exhibit

About this Event

On Saturday, July 4th we will be showcasing amazing art work from around the world from those that have come together to support justice for all and are in support of the #blacklivesmatter #blm movement.

There will be various types of art including, 3D sculptures, photography, illustrations, graphics, and fine art all in support of Black Lives Matter and coming together to make a change in our world through art.

We are being the change we want to see in the world, and invite you to experience it with us, together as a whole!

Life is good, have a blessed day,

Aisha L. Abdul Rahman

Questions, email

Refugee Tales online event on 3 July is hosted by Patrick Gale, presents a new tale by Christy Lefteri and a jazz premiere by Liran Donin

About this Event

Refugee Tales is rooted in the work of charity ‘Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group’ that supports people held in immigration detention. Refugee Tales 2020 calls for ‘A Future without Detention.’

On 3, 4, 5 July we have a full programme of events: readings, talks, film, tales and music. The online event on July 3rd is the first of three evening events with tales and music in solidarity with those who have been indefinitely detained.


  • Novelist, Patrick Gale is host for the evening.
  • Music is provided by bass player Liran Donin and ‘1000 Boats’. Hear their distinctive powerhouse groove in a new piece composed for Refugee Tales that will have it’s premiere.
  • Christy Lefteri (author of The Beekeeper of Aleppo) will read a new tale.
  • Join this free evening event at 7pm.
  • Why not also book to join us on 4th and 5th July?

*During the three days of Refugee Tales 2020 some people will choose to walk with us in solidarity according to country guidance at the time. It may be that where you are in the world you can only walk indoors at home, in your locality alone or in a small socially distanced group. Please see our website for details of all events over the three days.

Covid-19 has posed an unprecedented test for human rights laws and principles across society and the world. Has the test been passed?

About this Event

Covid-19 has posed an unprecedented test for human rights laws and principles across society and indeed the world. Has the test been passed or failed?

Is the current human rights architecture responding to the unique challenges of COVID-19 around issues of accountability, litigation and in the eyes of the public?

How do we ensure that government views human rights as a positive aid in devising new policies? e.g. re-designing social care

What is the new space that’s needed to allow for real discussion on socio-economic rights so they become more entrenched?

The help answer these questions, and many more, we will hear from Adam Wagner an experienced human rights and public lawyer with a strong civil law background. He has acted at all levels including in the Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights.

Adam is well-known for his human rights advocacy work. He founded both the multi-award winning human rights charity EachOther and the acclaimed UK Human Rights Blog, and is a sought after legal commentator on social media (@adamwagner1), television and radio. He set up and hosts the Better Human Podcast.

In May 2020 Adam was appointed as Specialist Advisor to Parliament’s Covid-19 Human Rights Inquiry

Equality in the new normal: How do we emerge from COVID-19 without perpetuating or aggravating systemic inequalities?

About this Event

At the RSA, we believe the Covid-19 challenge can be an opportunity for positive change. We are working on new ideas that can make sure the recovery builds bridges to a better future.

During the pandemic, many feel that inequality has not been a prime concern. For many, governments and businesses operating in ‘survival mode’, have not prioritised diversity and inclusion. Yet, coronavirus has disproportionately impacted BAME communities.

Recent data shows that number of deaths of NHS staff have been greater in ethnically diverse communities, and BAME people are 54% more likely to be fined for breaching the lockdown.

As we look to the future, it is essential that solutions to the crisis do not perpetuate and aggravate structural inequalities. This July, RSA Fellow Vijay Luthra will lead a panel discussion to explore these inequalities, and discuss where power lies, the data we currently have, and potential interventions.

The aim of this discussion is to catalyse the RSA Fellowship and beyond to initiate interventions to understand how we create a new and fair future for BAME communities in the UK.


Vijay Luthra FRSA (chair)

Lord Simon Woolley – Founder of Operation Black Vote

Perminder Mann – Founder and CEO of Bonnier Books

Paul Cleal OBE – Vice-Chair Kingston University, Non-Executive Director Guys & St Thomas Hospital, Sainsburys Foundation Advisory Board, Premier League Equality Standard, Board Member of the National Citizen Service Trust, Founding Partner of Impact X Capital.

Sarah Churchman OBE – Chief Inclusion, Community and Wellbeing Officer, PwC

This event is taking place during a week-long series of Bridges to the Future Conversations, hosted by the RSA and with our communities of changemakers. At the RSA, we unite people and ideas to resolve the challenges of our time and recognise that crisis can be an opportunity for positive change. As we contend with the Covid-19 crisis, we are bringing people together to unlock ideas and innovation in the areas of society that must thrive, now and in the future.

Join our community to help us create real, lasting change: #RSAbridges

Housing First: A solution to ending homelessness

About this Event

Join us for a conversation with Eric Samuels, Executive Director of Texas Homeless Network, Michelle Myles, Acting Program Manager of Homeless Services Division with Austin Public Health, and Jason Phillips, LMSW, Deputy Director of Permanent Supportive Housing and Integrated Services at Caritas of Austin.

We’ll dig into:

  • What housing first means and why it works
  • Why it’s so important to get people housed during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Caritas of Austin’s housing first program and supportive services that work hand-in-hand
Could a UBI give us a more equal future, or would it just fix into place the social and economic injustices of the present?

About this Event

In a world searching for radical solutions to poverty and precarity, one solution seems straightforward. A universal basic income would give everyone a regular amount of money they can rely upon. But would it really have a massive impact upon inequality, or would the social and economic injustices of the past simply become fixed in a new system? Our webinar will discuss the potential for UBI to make a real impact upon inequality, with three panellists answering questions from The Equality Trust and the audience.

Our panellists are:

Cleo Goodman – Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland

Cleo is director of Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland and Co-Founder of Compass’ Basic Income Conversation. Cleo believes we should all have the means to survive with dignity, regardless of work status, regardless of circumstance.

Kweku Amonoo-Quyst – Basic Income UK

Kweku is an activist and speaker on UBI with Basic Income UK and a contributor to the Progressive Economics Forum proposal for a basic income.

Dr Simon Duffy – UBI Lab Network

Simon is a co-founder of UBI Lab Network, a growing network of local UBI campaigns across the UK and internationally. A Christian and a socialist, Simon believes that we must work together to ensure everyone can develop and share their unique gifts. Simon is also Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform and Chair of Citizen Network.

Hosted by The Equality Trust and Sheffield Equality Group

An online Interfaith service entitled ‘Imagine’ via Zoom. Please contact either the York Unitarians or York Interfaith Group and relevant details will then be sent to you.

(If the email links don’t open properly for you then right-click, choose ‘copy email address’ and paste into an email.)