Human Rights: Reclaiming the Positive

As we get closer to declaring York the first Human Rights City in the UK, we do so at a critical point in time.  In the past weeks, individuals and movements have called upon human rights. Not just important legal protections, human rights are also values – values of equality, dignity, justice and fairness. They are powerful principles that are being used to challenge and hold decision and policy makers to account.

Let’s reclaim human rights in York. In our vision of a Human Rights City, human rights become the language we use to solve problems, offer protection and build bridges within and between communities. Let’s make York the UK’s first Human Rights City and send a positive message to the rest of the country and the world: human rights and the values that underpin them matter and we’re going to make York an even better place for everyone. Pledge your support here.

And check out this article from Paul Hunt and Ruth Lister, originally published in Compass.

To combat right-wing populism, we need to reclaim human rights.

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