York Human Rights Indicator Report Launch

To mark the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, you are kindly invited to the launch of the first annual York Human Rights Indicator Report, followed by a reception in the King’s Manor at 5pm on Thursday December 8th, 2016.

“York’s rights” identified through surveys on the streets of York in 2015.

Human Rights matter in York. In 2015, York residents and organisations identified their priorities to be the right to education, a decent standard of living, housing, health and social care, and equality and non-discrimination.

The York Human Rights City Network has developed what will be an annual report that monitors progress on the protection and fulfilment of York’s priority rights using indicators from York specific data. Our aim is to start a different kind of conversation about human rights, a positive one: ensuring that human rights relate to everyday concerns, close to home, and are more locally informed. We believe that in York human rights provide protection and a means of problem solving for all.

Building on York’s history of democracy, social justice and philanthropy, this launch will serve as a platform to bring together individuals and organisations from across York as a means to start talking about rights and what we can all do to make York a vibrant, diverse, fair, safe and international city.

Join us for a discussion about human rights in York and how they can be of use to you.


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